Talks and presentations

Data Activism Workshop

August 16, 2021

Workshop, California Rare Books School, UCLA., Los Angeles, California

I was invited to give a presentation on data activism, civic data, and critical mapping during a two day workshop on data activism based on my cartographic work.

Spatial Semiotics: Toward a economic geography of information

April 20, 2021

Conference, American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, Boston, MA

Presented on the Digtial Labor panel during the Annual Meeting of the AAG on theoretical work I have been conducting on semiotics, indexicality and indexical infrastructure. This talk forgrounded the spatial characteristics of information.

Feature Extraction: The Aesthetics and Politics of Algorithms

April 01, 2020

Assembly, NAVEL, Los Angeles, CA

I organized a 3-month long workshop and discussion series on machine learning literacy for artists and activists with Blaine O’Neill. The Feature Extraction Assembly included a series of talks, demos, workshops, and discussion groups that brought together artists and researchers engaged with machine-learning. Under the banner of “artificial intelligence,” machine learning has become central to interlocking domains of political-economic control, including: predictive policing, financialization, ad-tech, social media, and logistics. Unlike the proprietary algorithms used in these applications, artistic uses of machine learning allow people to experience and engage with algorithms directly. In this series, we paired artistic uses of machine learning with scholarly research to explore the social repercussions of algorithmic governance under algorithmic capitalism.

Feature Extraction: an interdisciplinary symposium on machine learning

October 16, 2019

Workshop, Design Media Arts, UCLA, Los Angeles, California

A series of talks and workshops centered around machine learning, abstraction, and algorithmic subjectivity. Exploring the interconnection between art and machine learning. Participants will learn how certain ML models work, play with them in creative/critical ways, and contextualize them to make better sense of an algorithmic paradigm. We will kick off the weekend in downtown LA with an evening panel discussion and social, followed by 1.5 days of workshops at UCLA’s campus in Westwood. This event was made possible thanks to a grant by the ICCA Interdisciplinary Symposia/Workshop Award.