IS270: Systems and Infrastructures

Special Reader for Graduate course, UCLA, Information Studies, 2020

This class serves as your foundation for understanding and working with technology over the course of the MLIS and beyond. We’ll cover technologies specific to libraries and information professions, but we’ll also learn about some core concepts that should enable you to make sense of technology in general.

LIS classes often involve a push and pull between the theoretical and the hands-on, and this class is no exception! I want you to emerge from this class feeling confident about your ability to use, understand, analyze, evaluate, and critique new technologies. But because specific technologies come and go with such speed, it probably won’t best serve you to spend a lot of time mastering mouse-clicks in one interface or another. Instead, we’ll tend toward moving one level of abstraction from specific pieces of software, and toward the principles that govern that kind of technology in general.


Miriam Posner


Grading research papers, meeting with students, and writing consultation.