IS20: Information & Power

Teaching Assistant for Undergraduate course, UCLA, Information Studies, 2021

IS 10 draws on the research literature in information studies and related fields, and contemporary events and issues, to explore the connection between information and power. Taking a social justice perspective, the course investigates the political, economic, legal, technological and cultural structures and forces that shape the ways that information is created, used made available, controlled, and discarded or destroyed. Topics include information and democratic institutions, legal and cultural perspectives on access, surveillance and privacy, censorship and leaks, the economics of information, and the politics of classification, categories and ontologies. This mixed lecture/discus course is designed to combine live class meetings, web-based readings and media, and online exercises and workshops to focus on the core issues that arise at the intersection of information and power.


Safiya Noble


Developing modules, grading assignments, meeting with students, and writing consultation.